Electronic Cigarettes India
February 6th, 2013

Present day: smokers are faced with a decision: quit smoking or continue to irritate the non-smokers around them and live in a world where cigarette smoking is just not welcome anymore. Something changed in a few decades time, because non-smokers were suddenly complaining left and right about the problem, so soon anti-smoking laws in public places came into affect with many people wanting to do away with tobacco products completely. It was around this time electronic cigarette india resurfaced again even though they had been available the whole time. Of course back then, electronic cigarette india probably would have costs a small fortune considering the price of any new technology when it comes out, so electronic cigarettes probably would have been too expensive to buy anyway for the majority of people who would have wanted to use them, and even if smokers had been willing to use electronic cigarettes india, there’s a good chance that the people who did wouldn’t have paid out the kind of money electronic cigarettes india probably initially cost. Additionally, people weren’t able to find out about new products as easily, so advertising about electronic cigarettes was probably hardly ever done, if at all.

Now though, it seems like each and every smoker is grabbing up an electronic cigarette kit at least to give electronic cigarettes a try. After all, they haven’t got much to lose: either they really like what they find in an electronic cigarette kit and continue to smoke the components of the electronic cigarette kit, or they despise the e-cigarettes and never buy them again. Fortunately, if it’s the latter, most people wouldn’t be out too much money, as an electronic cigarette kit usually only runs for about $30 to $50, if you’re buying a decent, affordable one which is advised for first time buyers. Any electronic cigarettes kit above this amount isn’t worth it if you end up not liking them.

One thing many smokers are liking about them is the e juice liquid. E Juice liquid is the nicotine infused liquid that turns into a vapor that the smoker inhales , just like cigarette smoke. E juice liquid is kind of like the replacement version of the different varieties of tobacco cigarettes: instead of choosing a Marlboro Light or a Camel No. 9, smokers just try a different e juice liquid that they believe the flavor is best in, and it certainly does come in a number of flavors that tobacco cigs don’t, such as vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate flavoring, and people can even make their own e juice liquid recipes now by ordering several different kinds. E liquid juice is also the popular part of e-cigarettes that are attractive to smokers concerned about their health because they’re made with only two chemicals: nicotine and a base that acts as a vaporizing agent so the e juice liquid can be vaporized.

November 30th, 2012

The Electronic Cigarette was developed in China in 2004. It was designed to take the place of smoking tobacco cigarettes and cigars because, despite global smoking bans, many smokers just find it too difficult to quit altogether. There are numerous nicotine replacement products on the market, such as gum and patches, but these in no way replicate the smoking experience which has been proven to be a part of the addictive ritual of smoking. The e-cigarette is revolutionary in that it’s aim is to both deliver nicotine to user and simulate the experience of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

The  Electronic Cigarette or  electronic cigarette india , in most cases looks just like a traditional cigarette and is made of a mouthpiece that holds a nicotine cartridge, a heating element or atomizer, a battery and an LED at the tip of the device. The way electronic cigarette india work is that they contain an airflow meter that is triggered when the user inhales on the device. This activates the atomizer and delivers the nicotine to the smoker by a short burst of vapor that is inhaled. The LED at the tip lights up showing that the battery is working and also making the device appear similar to a lit cigarette. The vapor that is exhaled may look like smoke but it is actually just water, propylene glycol based vapor that is odorless and harmless.

Electronic cigarettes india come in many shapes, colors and flavors. There are the models that look like traditional cigarettes and also some that are made to look like fountain pens. Flavors are limitless from Marlboro and Camel to Mint and Chocolate, with new flavors being developed constantly. The cartridges are also available with different levels of nicotine.  The various levels of nicotine allows the smoker to naturally wean themselves off of nicotine slowly.

There is a lot of controversy and confusion with regards to the legality and safety of electronic cigarettes india and the media does not seem to be sorting the facts out for us very well. Electronic Cigarette india are available for sale in the United States but they are NOT endorsed by the FDA. Electronic Cigarettes can be sold as “Alternatives” to tobacco cigarettes but they are not approved yet as “Smoking Cessation” devices. Electronic Cigarettes have not been deemed to be unsafe by any US or European health organization and parts of Europe have even declared the electronic cigarette to be a public-friendly device.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes have over 4,000 chemicals in them, a lot of which have been deemed carcinogenic and dangerous to your health.  Switching to electronic cigarettes eliminates those chemicals.  People who have smoked traditional cigarettes that switch to electronic cigarette say that they fell better, can breather easier and have recovered their sense of taste and smell.  There is no flame or smoke with electronic cigarettes, therefore the smoking bans do not apply.  In fact, many restaurants, airports, malls and casinos welcome electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are also more cost effective than tobacco cigarettes.  Aside from the initial investment in a starter kit, you will save a ton of money by switching.  Many electronic cigarette smokers save over 75% over regular cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette has the potential to save millions of lives from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.  Quitting smoking is hard, the addictive properties of traditional tobacco cigarettes make it near impossible for people to quit.  The solution may lay with switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Gina King is an expert on electronic cigarettes and is working diligently to help electronic cigarettes become a healthier, mainstream smoking tool.

October 4th, 2012

Electronic cigarette india exactly look like any common cigarette when you first time have a look at it. When someone takes a puff, a light starts glowing at the end of white tube making it similar to regular cigarette. And when you exhale white vapor arrives out of your mouth and to any other outsider it would seem to be like you are employing tobacco a cigarette. Actually white-colored fumes contains absolutely no burning tobacco or flame within your device, only the e liquid, perhaps it is the major reason most of smokers converting to smoke Nicotine free. Electronic Cigarette india have seen a great deal of media recognition lately after the Kate Moss and Johnny Deep used it in a movie. Most of people hating cigarettes are looking forward to this recently promoted product.

The factor that making it so popular is it’s availability in more than 30 different flavours rather than the price which is 10 times cheaper or the absence of unhealthy chemicals in smoke. You have the option to choose from champagne, coffee and tea to fruits like apple cherry or water melon there’s a good new for brand lovers of regular cigarettes; it’s available in Marlboro, Silk cut or Menthol.

You don’t need to absorb nicotine equivalent to eight hundred regular cigarettes, they are contained in a small e liquid’s bottle of 20ml, and amazingly the price is so low that you can buy one cartridge for less than 10 Pounds. So in terms of cost the price comes out to be very little as compare to the price of 800 tobacco cigarettes. Get nicotine free as compare to 24mg from regular cigarettes, so you can comfortably maintain your nicotine absorption.

We can say that it’s the e liquid which has made this product to be so popular amongst tobacco smokers. Although people like them because of the nicotine free fumes but it is also available in varying nicotine strength and this option is available in all the 30 flavours. Cost wise the e liquid is cheaper 100 times than using any tobacco cigarette and this fact proves that it’s the cheaper option. Don’t wait, go ahead and check out the results. Enjoy the electronic cigarettes india right away!